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Criteria for Submissions

World Wide Volunteer publishes original articles about Volunteerism and the Global Information Infrastructure. World Wide Volunteer focuses on the following topics related to Volunteering and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs):

The flow of a typical article, from author to publication:

To submit an article to World Wide Volunteer, simply submit it by writing to info[at] Manuscripts can be sent as plain text (.txt), word processed text (.doc), Acrobate Reader File (.pdf) or HTML-pages.

Non-text objects, like pictures, programs, audio files, and full motion video, can be part of an article. These non-text objects should be forwarded as binary files to the Editorial Office. Graphics can be sent as GIF or JPEG files.

Original papers written in English, French and Spanish will be considered for publication. Papers with a high level of interest to the International community may be translated into languages other than the above-mentioned and made available. World Wide Volunteer welcomes translations of important papers which have received limited circulation in their original state.

Authors submitting a paper to World Wide Volunteer automatically agree to assign a limited license to World Wide Volunteer if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Articles published in World Wide Volunteer are protected by copyright, retained by the authors. Authors control translation and reproduction rights to their works published on this site.

Authors submitting a paper to World Wide Volunteer do so in the understanding that Internet publishing is both an opportunity and challenge. In this environment, authors and publishers do not always have the means to protect against unauthorized copying or editing of copyright protected works.

World Wide Volunteer is a copyrighted product, and all rights are reserved worldwide. permissions to use any materials occurring in World Wide Volunteer should be directed to info[at]

Downloads of specific portions of articles in World Wide Volunteer are permitted for personal use only, not for commercial use or resale. Educational uses of World Wide Volunteer are permitted with permission of the authors of specific works.


World Wide Volunteer respects the privacy of its readers and contributors. To that end, World Wide Volunteer does not collect in its logs and other server tools the exact identities of its readers. World Wide Volunteer does not require its readers to sign in or to secure a unique id or password. World Wide Volunteer does not use cookies that identify anyone personally.

If you have any questions about World Wide Volunteer and privacy, please contact the Chief Editor at info[at]

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