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Volunteerism & ICTs: Lithuania

Flag: Lithuania

Lithuania at a Glance

LanguagesLithuanian (official), Polish, Russian
ReligionsCatholic 85%, others include Lutheran, Russian Orthodox, Protestant, evangelical Christian Baptist, Islam, Judaism
EthnicityLithuanian 80.1%, Russian 8.6%, Polish 7.7%, Belorussian 1.5%, other 2.1%
Population3,575,439 (July 2007 est.)
CapitalVilnius, 590,100
CurrencyLithuanian Litas (LTL)
Phone Codes00-370


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Get Involved with ICVolunteers' Projects in Lithuania

ICVolunteers-Switzerland is the Swiss branch of ICVolunteers. Historically, the Swiss office is the cradle of the whole organization. ICVolunteers has local presence in a growing number of countries, including Lithuania.

We invite you to look over what we are doing in the area.

ICVolunteers Projects in Lithuania:

Conference on Volunteerism for Social Transformation
2013-02-22 18:24:21
The Pan-Russian Forum “Volunteer of Russia 2012” took place in Perm, Russia, on December 3-6, with the aim to develop partnership among civil society institutions in the field of volunteerism and charity to solve social problems of local communities.
2nd International Symposium on Multilingualism and Cyberspace
2011-10-12 03:16:51
The 2nd International Symposium on Multilingualism and Cyberspace (SIMC) will take place at a time where there is an increasing interest in several dimensions of multilingualism.
2010-08-04 00:00:00
‘GreenVoice’ aims to raise environmental awareness and promoting protection.

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