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Volunteerism & ICTs: Equatorial Guinea

Flag: Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea at a Glance

LanguagesSpanish (official), French (2nd official), pidgin English, Fang, Bubi, Creole
ReligionsRoman Catholic, Protestant, traditional
EthnicityBioko (primarily Bubi, some Fernandinos), RĂ­o Muni (primarily Fang), Europeans less than 1,000, mostly Spanish
Population551,201 (July 2007 est.)
CapitalMalabo, 30,418
CurrencyCFA Franc BEAC ? (XAF)
Phone Codes00-240


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Get Involved with ICVolunteers' Projects in Equatorial Guinea

ICVolunteers-Switzerland is the Swiss branch of ICVolunteers. Historically, the Swiss office is the cradle of the whole organization. ICVolunteers has local presence in a growing number of countries, including Equatorial Guinea.

We invite you to look over what we are doing in the area.

ICVolunteers Projects in Equatorial Guinea:

The Future of Human Rights Forum
2013-11-27 15:36:56
Current human rights protection mechanisms are inadequate and serious rights violations happen on a daily basis.
Speak to better integrate
2007-09-02 09:08:33
For ICVolunteers, the pursuit of languages and linguistic diversity, as well as communications and interpretation, is a historical vocation.
Civil Society Development Forum 2007
2007-07-08 22:25:53
CONGO and its United Nations partners, with significant support from the Swiss and Geneva authorities, organized this Forum - in which more than 500 persons from intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental circles participated - with two goals.

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