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Volunteerism & ICTs: Eritrea

Flag: Eritrea

Eritrea at a Glance

LanguagesAfar, Bilen, Kunama, Nara, Arabic, Tobedawi, Saho, Tigre, Tigrinya
ReligionsIslam and Eritrean Orthodox Christianity
Ethnicityethnic Tigrinya 50%, Tigre and Kunama 40%, Afar 4%, Saho (Red Sea coast dwellers) 3%
Population4,906,585 (July 2007 est.)
CapitalAsmara, 400,000
CurrencyNakfa (ERN)
Phone Codes00-291


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Get Involved with ICVolunteers' Projects in Eritrea

ICVolunteers-Switzerland is the Swiss branch of ICVolunteers. Historically, the Swiss office is the cradle of the whole organization. ICVolunteers has local presence in a growing number of countries, including Eritrea.

We invite you to look over what we are doing in the area.

ICVolunteers Projects in Eritrea:

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