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About ICVolunteers

ICVolunteers is an international non-profit organization specialized in the field of communications, in particular languages, communication technologies and conference support.

Through volunteer effort, we cooperate with organizations in the humanitarian, social, environmental and medical fields to implement projects and conferences at local, national and international levels.

We work with volunteers to implement social and educational programs in order to help populations and local communities to develop.

In addition, ICVolunteers promotes volunteerism and its recognition, by enhancing civic commitment and involvement, and by providing leadership and links between organizations, individuals and communities.

With headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), ICVolunteers has offices and permanent representation in a number of other countries, including France, Spain, South Africa, Mali, Japan and Brazil.

Our Vision

The vision of ICVolunteers is a better world resulting from the sharing of knowledge, skills and abilities through volunteering.

Our Mission

ICVolunteers stands for International Communications Volunteers, the mission of which is to serve as a knowledge carrefour and platform the mission of which is to:

General Objective

To empower individuals and institutions for their development by linking knowledge with needs.

Global Themes

Access to knowledge, Education, Sustainable development, Science and Technology, Human Rights, Poverty Reduction.

Domains of Activity

Communications: information and communication technologies (ICTs), languages, conferences and seminars.

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