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What to find here?

This website that provides an online resource of reference documents, research results and scientific articles in particular related to cybervolunteerism, active citizenship and citizen participation in cyberspace.

We invite you to brows our library and visit the country profile section of this website. Looking for definitions of terms? See our definitions page.

Want to know more about the background of this site and who is behind it? You will also learn more in our about section. We also provide some links to scientific journals and online resources.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities or volunteer services, please visit main website.

Specific Reports

Two key events contributed to this library, the reports of both are available: International Symposium on Volunteering 2001 (ISV 2001), closing event of the International Year of Volunteers IYV2001 and the International Symposium on Volunteering and Development of Capacity in the Information Society (ISV 2003).

From online volunteering to community projects involving ICTs

The range of activities carried out by volunteers thanks to ICTs is wide. It ranges from online volunteer programs, through which volunteers offer their time and expertise in a range of fields, to virtual volunteering.

Many of the software that is currently being used internationally has been developed by volunteers, to begin with Tim Burners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web.

Furthermore, volunteers are operational in setting up infrastructure and providing training for ICTs, both in the developed and the developing world.

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